Post Production

Video editing, VFX, motion graphics, colour grading and audio post

From rough cut to fine cut


There's no compromise on quality with our in house facility, which has delivered thousands of commercials and programmes, both short and long form. Pictures and sound are finished to the very exacting standards required by broadcasters in the UK and overseas.

We operate two edit suites working at 4K resolution, based on Mac Pro towers stacked to the brim with RAM for fast rendering, and 24 Tbytes of storage each. The Adobe Creative Suite provides After effects, Premier pro, various interesting plug ins and all the essential tools. We also have two DaVinci Resolve licences for fine colour work.

Our in house editor and motion graphics artist Ben, is very quick and always up for a challenge and the chance to stretch the systems to the max. More complex animation is something we can also provide from our network of freelance talent.

For us, good sound is just as important as good pictures. A pro-tools HD suite, with a sound booth and remote recording via Source Connect, enables us to provide first class sound finishing for all our projects. We also have access to literally hundreds of voice over artists and studios around the world.

Having an in house sound studio is something we take for granted, but is one of those things that saves a lot of stress when something needs to be changed at the last minute before broadcast. We also have two excellent sound engineers and occasionally provide ADR dialogue services to external drama producers.